The 2014 EMR program has come to a close and we are very excited about this year's graduates. We are also very appreciative of the support we received from the Mayor's Matching Grant program for the past 2 years. Part of our mission at Unity In Uniform is to provide Education. The best education comes from a coordinated effort by the School System, Caregivers at home and other extracurricular activities that the student may be involved in at school or in the community. 

Our method of executing this portion of our mission is to provide EMR training to high school students in areas within the City of Orlando. EMR stands for Emergency Medical Responder. EMRs provide first aid to individuals involved in emergency situations and provide interventions that increase someone's chance of survival. The EMR curriculum is stepping stone into the field of Healthcare and will prepare the participants for careers in Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Nursing, Firefighting, and other Allied Health professions.

The 2014 High School EMR Program was funded by the City of Orlando Mayor's Matching Grant. This was Unity In Uniform's second successful grant approval, and this period supported the program through June 2014. This grant allows Unity in Uniform, Inc. to make significant contributions to residents of the City of Orlando by addressing the issues of employment, lack of diversity in the professions mentioned above, and the challenges of seniors to follow a positive career path in a noble profession serving our community.

The program gave the high school students quality hands-on internship while they were still in high school, by working with trained professionals with the skills, knowledge and training that employers are seeking in this competitive environment. Now that the students are graduates, they will be able to contribute to their families' economic disposition while serving the citizens of Orlando and contributing to the overall economic health of the City of Orlando and the Central Florida community.  Most of the graduates will enter their formal training to become Emergency Medical Technicians, pursue Nursing, Law Enforcement or any other uniformed profession.

 Parent & Guardian Involvement

Parents/Guardians, were intricately involved in ensuring that the EMR candidates adhered to behavioral requirements, appropriate study habits and transportation needs. They were involved in monitoring the candidates' academic excellence and keeping program managers aware of any academic support the student needed to ensure successful completion of the Program. 

Each student was assigned a Mentor that ensured their successful completion of the course and assisted with job search or registration for continued education. Firefighter Roderick Waisome (Lead Instructor) who is employed at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and is a product of a similar opportunity during his senior year in high school coordinated and provided the education, mentoring and support for the students that were in the 2014 EMR program.

 Benefits Of Our High School Projects

Unity In Uniform strives to make a significant contribution to residents of the City of Orlando by addressing the issues of job training and opportunities, diversity in the ranks of the agencies that provide public safety and increase the number of eligible and qualified candidates who will be hirable.

Our projects focus on creating a career path for high school students to be successful immediately upon completing high school while enabling them to contribute to their families' economic stability and serve the citizens of Orlando.

Our influence contributes to the reduction of homelessness by ensuring that high school graduates are minimally competent to be employed in the workforce, thus contributing to the economical stability of the City of Orlando and improving the employment rate in Central Florida.

Finally, Unity In Uniform projects improve academic and educational levels in the City of Orlando youth by implementing a comprehensive and engaging learning environment that connects youths with uniformed professionals.  Our mentors are are firefighters, paramedics, nurses, police officers and other allied health professionals within the Central Florida community.

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